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new homes, the housing crisis would be fixed by now. any promise of new investment is welcomed but it is actions not words that count and we have seen spending on new affordable house—building slashed by this government and is now at a 2k year low. slashed by this government and is now at a 24 year low. what will be in the next budget box? today he was eve giving a big house—building hemmed or doing last—minute lobbying but if the government borrows on the scale suggested, it was early marker and new approach. a pro—unity demonstration has been taking place in barcelona today as the crisis between catalonia and the government in madrid continues. and the government the spanish foreign minister said today catalans should disregard any instructions from their regional officials as their authority to govern is taken away by madrid. officials as their authority the measures follow catalonia's disputed independence referendum earlier this month. disputed independence our correspondent bethany bell reports. another protest in barcelona. this one is pro—spanish. it is small.
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these people are demonstrating in support of the spanish army and the police. it comes one day after the spanish prime minister said he would ta ke ste ps spanish prime minister said he would take steps to impose direct rule on catalonia from madrid. the catalonian government are not following the laws. they do what they want. they do not represent the cata la n they want. they do not represent the catalan people, they represent a small percentage, not all of us. this is why the government has to do what it has to do. the spanish foreign minister says the regional government will soon lose authority. they will not have any legal authority, it will be a group of rebels trying to impose their own arbitrariness onto the whole people of catalonia. the plan by the spanish government is unprecedented. it is the first time that madrid has moved to strip a region of its autonomy and it dramatically
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escalate this political crisis. yesterday almost half a million pro—independence supporters took to the streets of barcelona. with them was the catalan leader. the separate tests are defiant. the catalan government stretched out its hand and the spanish prime ministers spat on it. that is not very proper or nice. we think that now the catalan government is legitimised to push ahead, if it considers it appropriate and left that suspension of the declaration of independence. the pro—independence leaders are now considering their next steps. the regional parliament could decide to vote on an unilateral declaration of independence. catalonia is in a state of uncertainty. bethany bell, bbc news, barcelona. the songbirds ofjava in indonesia
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are facing extinction because of huge demand for them in wildlife markets. they're trapped and sold to buyers who prize their musical sound, but some species may disappear within the next ten years unless urgent conservation action is taken. within the next ten years unless victoria gill reports from java. within the next ten years unless the within the next ten years unless steep slopes of th west the steep slopes of this mountain in west java. our the steep slopes of this mountain in westjava. our guide the steep slopes of this mountain in west java. our guide knows the steep slopes of this mountain in westjava. our guide knows this lush forest in out. it is where he made his living. this is showing me how you make a bird trap out of sticks from the trees around us and a piece of string. where would those birds go? he no longer hands here. he is now a conservationist but in forests across java songbirds are still
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trapped in vast numbers. this is in jakarta, the largest wildlife market in asia. up to 16,000 birds can be found for sale here in a single day. the vast majority of those will be caught in the wild, it is that co nsta nt caught in the wild, it is that constant harvesting of wild birds by the thousands which is driving this extinction crisis. the bitter irony of the destructive trade is that demand is driven by a national passion for songbirds. something on full display at this bird singing competition. but it has now reached a tipping point. this bird may be the only one of its kind left on the planet. the last of its kind? yes. this bird is one of 19 species identified by a global assessment to be on the brink of extinction. that is why british conservationists are at the centre as part of an
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international effort to save some of the world's critically endangered songbirds by taking them out of the wild and into captivity to breed.“ we do nothing, these species will go extinct within the next decade, there is no doubt about that, but we will do everything we can, fight to save the species. the search is now on for a save habitats to release these birds. this small flock is being set free in a private safari park. but with some species now down to fewer than 100 individuals, their long—term future depends on human intervention. victoria gill, bbc news, java. with all the sport, here's karthi at the bbc sport centre. good evening. at the bbc sport centre. it had already been a difficult week for everton and their manager, ronald koeman, and after a 5—2 defeat to arsenal, they are now in the premier league relegation zone. defeat to arsenal, they are now in arsenal move up to fifth place with the victory, while tottenham are just five points off the league leaders manchester city after a fast—paced 4—1 win over liverpool.
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david 0rnstein reports. 4—1 win over liverpool. two 4—1 win over liverpool. teams whose seasons have fallen two teams whose seasons have so far fallen short of expectations. both are in need of inspiration, a time for a key men to show their worth. step up wayne rooney. almost 15 yea rs step up wayne rooney. almost 15 years to the day after scoring his first premier league goal at the same end against the same opposition. that was as good as it got for the home side, nacho monreal al reacting quickest to equalise for arsenal. then at mesut ozil rounding offa arsenal. then at mesut ozil rounding off a slick move to put them ahead. a red card for a red card for airdrie said dea swung further in the gunners feather and they capitalised when alexandre lacazette made it 3—1 before aaron ramsey got the fourth. everton fans were now voting with their feet, in the meantime, the deficit was reduced but arsenal had the final say.
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alexis sanchez completing the rout and leaving the under pressure ronald koeman with a bitter taste. the day's second meeting of north london and merseyside started how the first ended. harry kane punishing liverpool's ponderous defence to give tottenham an early lead and from scorer came soon turned provider. he timed his run and finished to perfection. attacking football of the highest order, diego maradona watching on and no doubt approving. at the other end, spurs were not quite so sharp. mohammed al fayed taking advantage to give liverpool and the manager fresh hope. hope that would fade when dele alli struck on the stroke of half—time and it was that brittleness at the back that cost liverpool again. who else but harry kanein liverpool again. who else but harry kane in front of more than 80,000, a record premier league crowd. david 0rnstein, bbc news. motherwell have booked their place in the scottish league cup final for the first time in over a decade with a 2—0 win over rangers.
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both goals were scored by louis molt, his spectacular second strike sending motherwell through to next month's final, where they will meet the holders, celtic. lewis hamilton could be crowned formula one world champion for the fourth time later. formula one world champion the mercedes driver will start on pole postiion for the united states grand prix, which begins at eight o'clock. his title rival, sebastian vettel, is in second place on the grid. the women's ashes started overnight in brisbane, with england losing the first one—day international against australia. one—day international it was a narrow two—wicket win, with alex blackwell top—scoring on 67 not out, and jessjonassen hitting a four to ensure australia's victory to go 1—0 up in the series. hitting a four to ensure australia's the rest of the day's sport is on the bbc website, including a gold for great britain at the european treack cycling chamoionships and the season—ending wta finals in singapore. thank wta finals in singapore. you. before we go, the la that thank you. before we go, the latest that we have on the hostage situation in nuneaton in the west
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midlands, two people working at a bowling alley are being held by a man with a gun. police say the incident is ongoing and it is unconnected to terrorism. the news channel will have continuing coverage but now on bbc one, it is time for the news were this is bbc news with vicki young. two people are being held hostage by a gunman at a bowling alley in nuneaton. warwickshire police have confirmed that the incident is not terror—related and have urged people to stay away from the bermuda park area. west midlands ambulance service are at the scene, but say there are no casualties at present. other people who were in the complex, which includes cinemas and restaurants, are being held in lockdown and some others have been evacuated to a nearby hotel. 0ur reporter david crabtree is at the scene. what can you tell us about what's
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been going on there? a picture is 110w been going on there? a picture is now a merging of the chaos and panic when this gunman stormed into this building around 3pm today. there we re building around 3pm today. there were many children, some having birthday parties, there's going to a children's play area, and bowling parties. we had one guy, chris turner, who turned up to pick up his two children from the play area. i have just come to pick the kids up from the soft play centre, but i parked around near the bowling alley. as i then walked around the bowling alley to go past the main entrance, the guy actually ran up to the door with the gun in his hand, opened the door, told me to get out of the area. with a few verbals. and then he turned to... there was a sparse crowd, but a few people there, and he said,
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i've already told you once to get out of the area, once again using verbals. describe that scene. everyone quickly... well, everyone ushered back a little bit, because he did have a gun in the air. again, he wasn't pointing at anyone directly, but he was threatening, and at that point i quickly went straight into the soft play area. i got my kids, and i said to the grandparents, we have got to go. we got out of there before it all got locked down, to be fair. this must have been a terrifying incident from your point of view. it was, i was shaken up at first, i feel sorry for the people who are stuck in there. i didn't want to raise the alarm, there was a few people that kind of knew the situation, they were trying to shut the door, but i knew that ijust wanted to get out of there with my kids, get out of the area. he was clearly agitated, can you describe his demeanour? he was very angry. obviously, he may have told people before to stay away.
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i was unaware of that, as i walked past, so that may have made him more angry at that time. with a sawn off shotgun. indeed, and that is what i was focusing on. to be fair, i can recognise the guy briefly, but i was more worried making sure it was not pointed at me. and how far away were your kids at that point? they were in the building next door, but when we got out of the building, he wasn't outside again, he had obviously gone back inside, but within 25 yards of the place, we just went around the outside and got in the car. the police are saying that this is not terror related but clearly there isa not terror related but clearly there is a lot of police activity we can see behind you, ambulances and armed police have been there all day. how
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have people been reacting and what by the police saying? the public are being told to stay away but for some it's difficult, they live in the area and roads have been cordoned off so they cannot get to their homes. we have heard of people taking car keys from them and bringing them out of what has been called the danger zone. we understand there were paramedics on stand—by, no word yet that anyone has been injured but the hostage situation is ongoing. police hope to update us in the next artwork to the era saying this is a softly softly approach, they have negotiators trying to get this old sorted out without any death or injury, but people here are still trying to find out what is going on with their local neighbourhood, they are very concerned and we had several reports of the chaos and panic when he first came in and people running for cover
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with their children, hiding under chairs, even hiding in the toilets, and apparently the gunman told them to keep away from the building, so he seemed to have singled out one or two people and tried to get the rest of them out of the area. two people and tried to get the rest of them out of the arealj understand of them out of the areal understand some people have been evacuated to a nearby hotel, we spoke to parents who were there on a busy day with the bowling alley, cinema and restaurants packed, and some people are still being kept in the complex. the police have said they have had to keep a minute by minute watch on what everyone is doing around the area. it is a big complex and they are worried about leading people out when there is an active gunman inside one of the buildings so it is a dangerous situation at the moment. we heard from chris turner, who we spoke to
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earlier, who said he thought the guy was a white man in his 40s who had a rock kind of style of dress, and he believed this guy may have worked or known somebody within the leisure centre, and that is quite it has become specific to two hostages who we re become specific to two hostages who were still being held inside. the bbc spoke to other eyewitnesses to describe what they saw. we were in the play area, the adventure park in nuneaton. we were ready to go home. my friends, they were ready to go next to the bowling, to the playground there. in the meantime we want to go out. but there was a guy with a gun, he took some hostages in the bowling area. so they won't allow us to go outside. they keep us there for a while. so the police told you there was a man with a gun? yeah. the police and some other guys from outside. some of them managed to go out.
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they say it's a man with a gun. he went into the bowling area and took some hostages. that is all we know about him. they said they'd transfer us to a hotel and wait there but they didn't say anything. when we can go. the police came inside and prepared all of us to exit so we could go to the hotel near there. they transfer us there, so that would be a safe place. what was going through your mind when you were told this? just very scared because we have small kids, so very scared. i was not so afraid. i was sitting at the window and i had the live on facebook, filming everything. yes, but you never know what could happen.
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yes, you never know what could happen in that time. i was worried about my kids but in that moment you don't know what to do. to be afraid, to be scared, to stay calm, but it was good because everybody was not scared. everybody was scared inside. yes, they were scared but nobody... no—one panicked. everybody was sitting calm and listened to what the police told us to do. did you see lots of armed police? yes, like in the movies. lots of armed police with shells, with dogs and everything. earlier i spoke to the local mp marcusjones, who described what he has been told. i'm extremely concerned for the people who are there at bermuda park. i'm concerned obviously for members of the police force that are there trying to keep those people safe. i have spoken very briefly to the warwickshire police and crime commissioner about this incident. i'm waiting for an update from a senior officerfrom warwickshire police.
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but i'm taking the view at the moment that we must allow the police to get on with theirjob, do theirwork, and hopefully keep the people that are there safe. and is it your understanding that this is an ongoing situation, that they are still dealing with something, whatever it is? can you give any indication of what it might be? there are a lot of eyewitness reports. i'm not absolutely sure of all the information so i don't think it would be right for me to actually try to speculate as to what is or isn't going on. i think it's important at this stage that the police are allowed to do their work, and in terms of some of the speculation that is coming out, if some of the information is right, it is a very sensitive situation. i've also spoken to a friend of mine who was in the soft play area next to the bowling alley that's being talked about. from the friend of mine that i spoke
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to, he said that the police very quickly moved them to a local hotel as a place of safety to avoid the incident that was clearly going on. marcus jones, the marcusjones, the local marcus jones, the local mp. a short time ago i spoke to megan westwood, an eyewitness who was in a play area in the leisure complex when the incident began. basically, we were in the bermuda play area, me and my friend were about to leave, but the staff said to get away from the windows because there was a man with a knife. as time went on, we were told that he actually had a gun, and they barricaded the doors, kept us away from the windows, then we were told he had hostages in the bowling alley next to us. and then, eventually, we got evacuated one by one by the back door into the hotel next to us. it's full of children at the minute.
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we can hear in the background, obviously a lot going on. we are seeing some of the pictures that you took, and video of you having to leave the area. just describe it. you must have been absolutely petrified. it was hard work keeping the kids calm because they're all confused. what was everyone else doing? taking pictures, running, keeping the kids calm. and did you see any police activity? yeah, there was quite a few, like bullet—proof vans. i've just seen an air ambulance take off. there's police in full body suits with guns, the full thing, really. were staff saying anything to you? were they speculating about what was going on? at first they said they weren't disclosing any information, but as time went on, they let us know, but they did good.
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tell us about the retail park, what is there within that complex? there's a gym, a big play area, cinema, restaurants, a hotel, that's about it, really. and where are you now? we are in the holiday inn express. and that is where everyone from the soft play area has been evacuated. what are they telling you about how long you are going to be there? some people are being allowed to leave, police are collecting peoples cars, depending it is part. 0ur car is parked near the bowling alley, so we cannot leave yet, it depends if you can get a lift or not. you must be trying to keep the children quiet, but try not to upset them as well. the worst thing is the batteries have gone in our phones, so we have got to stay here, really. we can't even sought a lift. warwickshire ambulance service have
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confirmed that there are no casualties at this time but they are still on the scene. kelly perrett, who is at the frankie and benny's restaurant at bermuda park, told me a short time ago what she had seen. so the police have tried to get as many people out of the restaurant from a side entrance as possible, but people have brought their cars to a safe place. however, the people whose cars are in the main area, they are still in the restaurant, so it is still on lockdown, and everybody, lots of people are still in the building. so tell me what happened, what was the first you knew that something like this was going on? i'd been to the gym and my friend works here, so i popped in to see her on the lunch break, and all of a sudden there was people from the bowling running in, telling everyone that there
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was an incident over at the bowling. the police were very quick on the scene and instructed everybody to stay indoors, lock the doors and no—one leave to go in or out at that time. and how did people react? that is an incredibly frightening situation for people, what was the reaction from people in the restaurant? people, even though they were worried, were quite reassured with the police's response to this. they're still all there now, armed police surrounding the building, so it does feel, horrible and stressful as the situation is, it does feel very secure and contained. and what have they told you about how long you will be there? they said it could be anything up to five hours. this has been going on since about two o'clock this afternoon. i'm not really sure how long they think it is going to be. a number of people still in that
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complex. we know now that this incident started about 3pm. a gunman walked into the centre there, the bermuda park. he has two hostages. police have confirmed that this is not terror related and the warwickshire ambulance service have said so far there have been no casualties although they do remain on the scene. now it's time for the weather. today has been a calming down day, we wayfarer well to storm bryant, the winds are easing and we had this beautiful picture from hampshire, the south coast did well, there were patches of cloud elsewhere, all of that brought in our direction by a
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north—westerly wind and it felt quite chilly, and as we go into this evening and to make its is where we keep clear skies for longest, eastern and central areas but it will turn chilly, parts of north—east england and eastern scotla nd north—east england and eastern scotland will have a bit of frost but not so out west with mount are, some outbreaks of rain in the far south west by the end of the night. the journey to work tomorrow is not inspiring, there will be a lot of cloud across the south west but wales will be mild, bands of rain swing into the midlands, parts of the southeast, east anglia getting away with a dry if chilly start. rain across northern england, but northern ireland starting to perk up, rain moving east across scotland and ahead of its gusty winds for a time across the far north—east. as we go through monday we will take this rain, push it eastwards, it
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will fizzle away and then we peel back the cloud from the west to reveal some sunshine, initially into northern ireland and eventually the far south—west, but along the coast it may stay quite murky. for tuesday we keep this south westerly flow of moist and mild are, rain piling into wales, the hills in wales could get a lot of rain, to the north of that a lot of rain, to the north of that a mixture of sunshine and showers, to the south quite a gayfield with a of cloud. this weather fronts makes south and then north and southwards again, it will be the big feature of oui’ again, it will be the big feature of our weather this week, bringing some rain but it is to do some of this front that we bring some warm air up from the south, so of the week ahead it looks pretty changeable, winds will be lighter than they have been band for a time it will turn warmer,
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but how long will that theme last? there is a video on bbc weather website of weather for the week ahead and that may show you that things might change next weekend, but for now, have a good evening. hello, this is bbc news with vicki young. the headlines: a gunman is holding two members of staff hostage at a bowling alley in nuneaton. police say the incident is not terror related. armed police have surrounded the leisure park as they deal with an ongoing incidient. eyewitnesses have been describing the scene. the sky ran up to the door with a gun in his hand, opened the door and told me to get out of the area. west midlands ambulance service are in attendance. there are no casualties at present. 0n the line is mehdi afshar, who's
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the chief executive of mfa bowl. thank you forjoining us, can you tell us, as far as you know, what is going on at your bowling complex? yeah, at about 2:30 this afternoon, i received a telephone call from our manageress, who informed me of the incident, a gunman is in the premises. we obviously evacuated the premises, we ensured the staff and safety reached safety. two staff are unaccounted for, and we believe these two members of staff of the people being held hostage at this moment in time. our operations director is on site, in contact with the police, and the latest i know is that the police are negotiating with
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the gunman, who apparently, from my manageress, is a known person to the complex, and his ex—girlfriend or ex—wife was an employee of the complex. so he is known, you think, to the people who have been taken hostage? not to the people who have been taken hostage, but to a member of staff who
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